Green multiphysics!

They are ingenious, engineers, sportspersons, handyman (and women), navigators …
Whether you are an environmentalist or not, “The Sun trip” is worth noting.
The next solar bike epic is planned for summer 2015, starting from World Expo Milano, Italy Pavilion, and finishing in Astana, Kazakhstan.
I’m glad of this great adventures success.
More than 30 adventurers will come with their solar bikes – mostly homemade – with a central principle of freedom in the choice of course and rhythm, like a new « Vendée Globe ». They are young or old, experienced backpackers or beginning travellers, adventurers are a key element to Sun Trip’s concept.
The development of electric bicycles and solar energy make it possible « to travel using the sun », as a new form of mobility.

CEDRAT is pleased by the concept of this trip! We wish one day to take part of this adventure… by making the design or just biking!

Meanwhile, let’s encourage and follow them!