Google, Intel and Altair Collaboration: Enabling HPC on the Cloud

High-Performance Computing (HPC) is rapidly changing our world and Innovation is key for our business infrastructures. Large and small organization are in need of HPC computing capabilities without having the on-premise hardware infrastructure. Altair’s offers organization the ability to have access to a large and infinite capacity of computations while having the freedom to bring their own license and to deploy HPC appliances in the cloud. With Google Cloud Platform, you can test your ideas quickly, pay for exactly what you need and only while you need it.

Read more about the collaboration announcement on Google’s blog post.

Kelly Slavik
Kelly Slavik

About Kelly Slavik

Kelly is part of the HPC Marketing team and has been with Altair since 2015. She began her career with Altair as the lead Graphic Designer for HPC and is now the Marketing Specialist for Enterprise Computing.