From Kindred Spirits Back to the Drawing Board

Last month, Design News wrote an article, Next-Generation VLC Improves on XPRIZE-Winning Design, covering the momentum and development of the Edison2 Very Light Car.

Altair ProductDesign’s Chief Operating Officer, Mike Heskitt, is quoted stating, “Altair’s core belief is that design should be inspired by physics, using simulation to drive design, and CAD as the tools to document and capture the design.”

The article also notes that the Edison2 VLC recorded 110 MPGe (EPA combines) at the competition and the electric version, the eLVC, also set records for the electric car efficiency, with the vehicle achieving 245 MPGe on the EPA five-cycle test.

To read more about Altair’s plans to further contribute to the project, read the full article here.


Royston Jones
Royston Jones

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My name is Royston Jones and I have been at Altair sixteen years. I was born in the green valleys of North Wales and eventually left my village for the bright lights of South Wales; Swansea University. It was there I was eventually persuaded to help the English with their engineering and left the principality. It’s been a great thrill seeing my passion, engineering simulation, gradually increase its impact on the design process. However, a bigger thrill has been seeing Manchester United dominate English football for two decades. I enjoy seeing my boys grow up and I am excited about how engineering simulation has become a key technology in creating highly engineered; Green products.