Freespin Simulations of a Fidget Spinner

If you have children, you are probably aware of the Fidget Spinner by now. These fun toys have swept elementary and middle schools by storm! I decided as a fun project to simulate the Fidget Spinner and review it with my 6-year old son. The Fidget Spinner was designed and simulated using the HyperWorks product suite, including SolidThinking Evolve and the general purpose CFD solver, AcuSolve. The CFD analysis was conducted to demonstrate how a jet of air particles interacts with the rotating spinner and to have a little engineering fun with this trendy toy. The simulation captures the surface air flow, nearfield air disturbances and the surface pressure on the spinner at a scale too small to obviously notice. My son and I enjoyed reviewing the CFD simulation while I explained to him why he can feel a gentle force from the air as it is pushed aside by the spinner. I thought it was a good lesson, though he is only six and was mostly interested in picking out the color scheme!


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Michael Barton joined Altair in 2013, and is currently working as a CFD Application Specialist for the HyperWorks® Core Development Team. He has seven years of industry experience working with and developing CAE software related to fluid dynamics. His current role includes contributing to the CFD solver AcuSolve by assisting with the program management duties, conducting high-end benchmarks, testing new features and developing marketing material. Michael has authored two conference proceedings since joining Altair and has participated in several internal/external webinars. He holds a master’s degree in mechanical engineering from Northern Arizona University in Flagstaff, Arizona.