Free CAE! HyperWorks® Student Edition

We would like to invite all interested students to download the HyperWorks® 13.0 Student Edition. This updated version offers functionality for lightweight design and composites structural analysis, efficient modeling and meshing, multiphysics and multi-disciplinary analysis, structural optimization, and design exploration. The computer-aided engineering (CAE) suite includes:

Modeling and Visual Capabilities

HyperMesh® – powerful tool for creating and understanding finite-element models

MotionView® – build, analyze, and improve mechanical system designs

HyperCrash® – specialized modeling environment for automotive crash and safety

HyperView® – general purpose visualization tool

HyperGraph® – user-extensible plotting tool for CAE data

CAE Result Player: HyperView Player Plug-in and stand-alone utility to share and visualize 3D CAE models and results

HyperWorks Collaboration Tools: Simulation data organization and management

HyperWorks Solvers

RADIOSS® – finite element-based solver for highly nonlinear structural analysis under dynamic loading

AcuSolve® – general purpose finite element computational fluid dynamics (CFD) solver

MotionSolve: A general-purpose, user-extensible, multi-body systems solver

OptiStruct® – finite element-based linear and non-linear solver for structural analysis, design, and optimization

Mathematical Modeling Environment

HyperMath® – general purpose numerical computing environment that allows customers to easily develop and perform custom mathematical operations on various types of data

Multi-Disciplinary Design Exploration, Study and Optimization

HyperStudy® – multi-disciplinary design exploration, study and optimization software

Ideation and Conceptual Design

solidThinking Evolve® – organic surface modeling for industrial design

solidThinking Inspire® – generates a new material layout within a package space using the loads as an input

The student edition is based on HyperWorks Desktop, which is an integrated user environment for modeling and visualization, as well as pre- and post-process finite element and multibody dynamics simulations. It may also be used to manage and visualize simulation and test data. Best of all, it is completely FREE to download! A more detailed overview may be found on the Altair Academic Blog.

Why not leverage the best-in-class CAE platform for your next project?!


Matthias Goelke
Matthias Goelke

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Matthias is responsible for the Academic Market vertical in Altair’s Global Markets Team. A key aspect of the academic activities is the communication of Altair’s university offer which includes software, academic forum, training and education of students and teachers, student competitions, academic events and workshops and joint research projects Prior to his current position Matthias was university account manager in Germany, Austria and Switzerland. His experience at Altair includes project management, technical support, training management, custom software development and software release as well as technical documentation. Before joining Altair Germany in 1999, Matthias worked as a post-doc at the University of Karlsruhe (Germany) and the Free University of Amsterdam (The Netherlands). Matthias holds a Ph.D. degree from the Free University of Amsterdam.