FORBES: Is Data Socialization the Next Big Thing in Data Analytics?

Forbes contributor, and big data and analytics expert, Bernard Marr, is weighing in on the next trend in data science with his article Is Data Socialization the Next Big Thing in Data Analytics? Marr recognizes that “adding social functionality to a data strategy” is changing the way organizations both think about how to share data and how they operate when it comes to making that data available. Rightly so, he points out the importance of data stewardship, highlighting  significant permissions  when it comes to sharing company information. Using a platform that makes stewardship simple and reliable is key.

The upside? Socialization has changed the way 21st century business operates. Why should data management be any different? Applying social principles in a business setting presents new challenges but can deliver tremendously productive results.

As the wave of available data continues to grow at an ever increasing pace, organizations will continue to seek new and efficient ways to share, analyze and use data to their best advantage. Data socialization is the next critical and disruptive step.