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I am taking the Altair bike on a journey! Follow me, and find out how it all began.
This entry documents my major rides in June.

All-Time Distance to Date: 8,564 Miles and Counting. 

Bike MS; Great Lakes West Michigan Breakaway 2015: Day 1

Date: June 6th, 2015

Location: Holland, MI

Weather: Chilly in the morning, 57°F with 10 to 12 mph winds, sunny in the afternoon, 75°F

Road Condition: Nice, smooth, well-paved roads

Miles: 101 miles

The Altair Multiple Sclerosis (MS) Team held its first annual MS Bike fundraiser in Holland, MI, and I am proud to be a part of this charity! This was one of the best MS rides for me because I rode the Specialized S-Works Venge with my Altair uniform. All of my gear caught a lot of attention, and many cyclists asked about the bike and loved its epithets! I enjoyed talking to them about Altair and the software suite that was used to optimize the bike, wheels, and crank set. A total of 11 participants rode with the Altair MS Bike Team this year. On day one, I rode the first six miles with old friends before going solo. I love riding for MS!



Bike MS; Great Lakes West Michigan Breakaway 2015: Day 2

Date: June 7th, 2015

Location: Holland, MI

Weather: 60°F with 13 to 15 mph winds, then picked up to 25 mph with 35 mph, gusts and rain

Road Condition: Nice, smooth, well-paved roads

Miles: 77.5 miles

As predicted, the weather for the second day proved to be bad, with strong to severe thunderstorms and wind gusts up to 35mph. The rain poured on-and-off for my first 36 miles into the ride, but I managed to pull through. There was a small mechanical problem where the rear derailleur started making noise, but it was easily fixed at the first stop. Soon after, the wind became brutally strong, so the century loop (100 miles) was shortened, and I finished with 77.5 miles. Interestingly, I actually enjoyed the second day the most. It was great to know that I did not give up despite the weather, and completed my ride to the best of my ability. It was certainly special to be one of the few to ride in the rain!



Michigan Mountain Mayhem: The Spring Classic

Date: June 13th, 2015

Location: Boyne City, MI

Weather: Started chilly at 55°F with 7 to 10 mph winds, and then sunshine, 65 to 70°F – great for a ride!

Road Condition: Nice, smooth, well-paved roads

Miles: 103.8 miles

Michigan Mountain Mayhem (MMM) is a series of cycling events held in Northern Michigan. The Spring Classic is the original MMM, and always held on the second Saturday of June with a limit of 1,500 riders. It is a timed challenge on the toughest terrain in Michigan! A total of 1,236 participants in this ride, and I rode with my friends Chris Butler and Rick Darling. It was extremely hilly with a lot of climbing, up to 7,165 ft. in elevation! Near the end of the ride, I began to feel the pain on my left ankle’s injured ligaments while pedaling uphill, and decided to shorten my ride by 35 miles, with final total of 103.8. The ride pushed us to our limits with climb after climb, and I’m glad that I took on this challenge. It was probably the toughest ride I’ve ever completed!

So far this year, I have logged just over 3,820 miles. I’m definitely improving and riding more than last year! My goal for this year is to reach 10,000 miles, and I’m extremely excited as the weather is getting warmer and more enjoyable for a ride!




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