Follow Dragi: and He’s Back! April 18 Rolo Maiden Voyage!

image1The D-Ride with the Team O2 Cadieux Bicycle Club marks the maiden voyage for my custom-fit Rolo bike.

The reception of the bike was great. People were excited about its geometry, feather weight and color. There is no paint on this bike. What you see is the pure beautiful carbon. The bike is a pleasure to ride too. After riding for many miles, I was still comfortable because the geometry of the bike fits the rider. The carbon frame flexes and is very responsive to the rider.

April 19, Derby Ride

The Rolo is cleaned, greased, dressed in beautiful color, and ready for the Derby ride.


The Derby is a Tuesday night weekly event that attracts 100 or more riders from many different clubs. The 35-50 mile ride starts at Derby Middle School in Birmingham and moves in and around Oakland University and Auburn Hills. The ride offers three groups of varying skill level and distance. I ride with the group of advanced and fast riders. If you are new, you can join the more organized group and learn to ride with a paceline, which enables cyclists to share the work of pushing through the wind.


April 27, 48.3 Miles from West Bloomfield to Hines Park and Back

On my CX bike riding a relaxing recovery ride with my personal photographer — Dragi — and I don’t even need a Selfie Stick!


Riding through Birmingham always has its highlights including this eye catcher, a sculpture created by Marshall Fredericks.


 May 11, Rolo Bike Fitting at Fraser Bicycle


 May 20, Flat Tire

Today’s flat is on my Specialized S-Works Venge.


 What I do when I break down

When I have a flat, I stop and try to fix it with a little bit of liquid latex that can fill the hole. And I bring one extra tire. When it’s raining and I’ve been riding for 250 miles and my tire blows 10 miles before the race ends, ohh, that is really frustrating. Sometimes I can fix a tire, sometimes people I’m riding with help me. Sometimes I have to call my wife to pick me up.

May 22 Morning Crash

Moving at 27.3 mph, one of the riders hit a squirrel. The rider had no serious injuries.


May 28, Morning Ride with New Rolo Osimetric Chain Ring


May 30, 7:49 a.m. Starting M-Century 67.7 mile Memorial Day Ride


 May Tally

The end of May brought me to 5,045 miles. I have a schedule of regular rides to keep the miles advancing. One I do every week is the D-Ride, a serious ride with urban challenges such as trucks and pot holes. This is mostly a racer’s ride that moves from Birmingham to Detroit and loops through Belle Isle. Falls, broken collar bones, and crashes sometimes happen here. I see that this sport can be dangerous. But I cannot stop now. It’s addictive and it helps control my type 2 diabetes. I used to play guitar all the time. I have four really nice and expensive guitars including a Gibson Les Paul and a custom-made Fender bass that I played in a serious rock band that is now known as Leva Patika. But I ride now because it’s more fun. I have time to work—and ride.

My Bikes

Today I’m still riding four bikes made for different road conditions: one Ridley, two Specialized, and the Rolo. The Rolo is really perfect for climbing because the geometry fits the rider and the bike is so light. When I was on the ride, MI Mountain Mayhem, the Rolo’s light frame helped me make the 10,000 foot incline over 128 miles. This is an 18%-20% incline where you can feel your muscles burning and your heart pounding in your neck. Sometimes you would like to push more, but your legs don’t listen.

Dragi Gasevski
Dragi Gasevski

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Dragi joined Altair in October 2005, and is now the Principal Designer of Aesthetics and CAD Methods. His passion for cycling started in 2011 in order to fight his Type II Diabetes and to stay fit.