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Sept 2: Sylvan Lake        

A sun-filled Friday afternoon and I’m riding a short and easy ride around Sylvan Lake from West Bloomfield.


Sept 03: Lake Erie Metro Park Loop = 130 Miles

I decided to solo ride this Saturday a.m. and ventured out to Lake Erie Metro Park. The trek is a long, 130 miles through four metro parks. Almost 110 of the miles are on the trails and just 20 are on the road. For long solo rides, this is my choice loop for beautiful scenery through treed parks and around the lakes. This particular morning was crisp and I had to wear arm warmers and knickers, but the day also brought gorgeous sun and no wind. I rode my Specialized S-Works Venge. Life is all fun on the top of this horse.


Sept 5: Another Century

Riding to Birmingham for an organized Century loop with Team O2 Cadieux. The windless and gorgeous sunny day made this ride enjoyable and helped us ride very fast on the Macomb Orchard Trail (MOT) to Richmond and back. Of course, at the end of every Century, I lift up my BIKE!


Sept 9: Sylvan Lake

Another nice day for cycling! I’m on top of my Ridley Cross bike riding to my favorite place, Sylvan Lake.

Sept 11: Team O2 Cadieux Century Loop

Moving through a hundred-mile-plus loop through West Bloomfield, Birmingham, Detroit, Belle Isle, Grosse Pointe, Birmingham, Sylvan Lake, and back to West Bloomfield.

Sept 12: Riders4Research Recovery Ride

Exploring with a great group of people while spinning from Barnum Park in Birmingham. We are all recovery riding after the century miles from Saturday and Sunday. The proceeds from the R4R gear and charity events benefit research for Juvenile Diabetes.


Sept 15: Wearing a Birthday Suit for Ray

The Third Annual Birthday Suit Ride for Ray Dybowski was colorful and full of smiles. Members from many different biking clubs participated in the fun. Ray is the Father of Biking in the Michigan area and is one of the best riders I’ve ever encountered.


Sept 18: Bike Up—103 miles

I planned to ride the Lake Erie Metro Park 130-mile loop. On route, I ran into my cycling friend, Maddy Young. Maddy said she was going to ride 30-40 miles and decided to join me for some of these. She wasn’t prepared to finish a century tour with me, but I shared my Nuun tablets and energy gels, and encouraged her to keep going on with me. We rode 50 miles and reached her riding record! At that joyous point, we turned back and rode home another 50 to mark Maddy’s first century ride ever. I was so glad to help her reach this milestone.

Sept 19: Kensington

Kensington Metropark has a wonderful bike trail that surrounds the park’s 1,200-acre Kent Lake. One winds around water while enjoying a nice combination of wooded and and hilly terrain. This is a great place to see the American Lotus in bloom, one of the rarest flowers in the state of Michigan. I road this trail with my buddy Chris Butler and his wife and daughter.

Sept 21: MTB Evening Ride

My first mountain bike ride of the year on my favorite short loop to Sylvan Lake.

Sept 24: Bike MS: Great Lakes Bavarian Breakaway 2016, Day 1

This is my favorite two-day century ride because it benefits the National Multiple Sclerosis Society and lets me ride with my Altair colleagues in a great place.

On day one of the event, our group of nine riders from Team Altair finished a loop of 102 miles with the company of cool mornings and sunny afternoons. I had problems with my bike at the 24-mile mark. A mechanic tried to help, but the problems only worsened. I couldn’t shift the rear gears of my bike more than three places, and my pace slowed. Not what I had planned, but somehow I still managed to be the first to finish the century loop. The cause to fight MS motivates me to keep going.


Sept 25: Bike MS: Great Lakes Bavarian Breakaway 2016, Day 2

Only three of us from Altair appeared on the start line probably because of the very cold 45 degree morning. The sun came later, but with the wind, which is a hard way to push through 100 miles.

The second day of the event once again started with mechanical problems with my bike. After 4-5 miles, the chain started to rub against the front derailleur and I couldn’t shift to the smaller chain ring, I was stacked to only one gear on the front and one on the rear cassette. Frustrated, but determined, I rode like that for 95 miles—and finished the loop first!

Sept 27: Tuesday Night MTB & CX Ride

My first time out this year with my O2 Cadieux bike club teammates to ride the Tuesday Night MTB & CX course.

Sept 30: Raining and Riding

When bad weather comes, I should be on my trainer indoors. But biking is something that I really like to do, and sometimes I can’t resist going out when probably I shouldn’t. Staying in is not fun like riding on the road outside. Today in the cold and rainy weather, I’m wearing a rain jacket, a helmet cover and shoe covers, and I’m on a good evening ride around the lakes near my home.


Dragi Gasevski
Dragi Gasevski

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Dragi joined Altair in October 2005, and is now the Principal Designer of Aesthetics and CAD Methods. His passion for cycling started in 2011 in order to fight his Type II Diabetes and to stay fit.