#SimulEE – Simulation in Electrical Engineering

Everything started with an idea, an idea that we let grow and mature.
Today, we are happy to introduce you to SimulEE!

SimulEE originates from Simulation in Electrical Engineering and is a common Blog for both CEDRAT & MAGSOFT.

For the last 40 years  CEDRAT & MAGSOFT have been working to make design easier, faster and more accurate. We are highly passionate about innovation, creativity, optimizing and developing industry knowledge. Today we would like to share our passion with you.

We created “Your Electrical Engineering Designland” which is your place to talk about design. This is a place to share, to exchange and learn from each other, a place to express yourself and also connect to others.

On a daily basis we make a lot of design, analysis and optimization of electric, electromechanical or electromagnetic simulation devices and systems. There is always a project which makes us feel amazing. While the speed of work increases, there is less and less time to enjoy these amazing projects. The appreciation of our work and environment is the basis for long term satisfaction. We welcome you to be our guest; share your passion with us on our “Guestland” page.

SimulEE is dedicated to you, who are passionate about electrical engineering simulation software

Join our community and feel free to give us your comments.

Biba A. Bedi
Biba A. Bedi

About Biba A. Bedi

Biba has a background in business operations support functions of contract program management, human resources, key financial operations, marketing and communications. She joined Altair as a result of Altair’s acquisition of EMSS in 2014 and her current role of Director Corporate Communications and Client Relations includes management, coordination and production of the global Success Story pipeline, authoring success stories for HyperWorks®, content production support and author relations management for Altair Corporate magazine Concept to Reality (C2R), development of press releases, Altair newsletter A60 production, support integration and advancement of blog and social media strategy. She is the Corporate/Americas media POC, as well as presenter liaison for corporate technology conferences. She holds a Bachelor’s degree in Liberal Arts from St. Bede’s College (Himachal Pradesh University), in Shimla, India.