First Carriots Development challenge winner!!

Congratulations to “Ad Ackbar” team!! They are the First Carriots Development challenge winners!

First Carriots Challenge banner

As you might know, our challenge is now over and we finally have the winner. The project is a stuffed starwars/angrybirds quiz teller toy. Simple and efficient. It just ask a question and you have to reply by pushing a button (the ears). After some questions you will know your level.

“Imperial pig”, the stuffed toy’s name, uses Carriots to store the quizz (questions and correct answers) and the accomplishment level. Questions, answers and levels can be customized through Carriots control panel or using the REST API.

“Imperial pig” questions are Star Wars related (as seen on the video) and it defies you to become a Jedi Master by answering the questions. Cool!

Ad Ackbar team send us a making-of photo and a video. The video will be published in YouTube (thanks guys).

Ad Ackbar Star Wars Quiz project

Ad Ackbar Star Wars Quiz project making-of

As we can see, Raspberry Pi is the “intelligence” inside the toy and it communicates via wi-fi to Carriots.

We’ve asked some questions to the team that will be soon published. The interview will tell us more details about the project and the team behind it.

“The Death Star is a space station capable of destroying a planet with one shot of its superlaser. Which is the planet, home of Princess Leia, under attack in the fourth episode? Alderaan or Dagobah?”

Thanks all for your participation and congratulations to Ad Ackbar team.

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