Featured Webinar: Decrease Time & Improve Accuracy of the Weight Management Process

Altair’s Weight Analytics (WA) solution manages the entire Weight and Balance (W&B) process empowering engineering and management teams to control and ensure W&B attributes meet program requirements.

Deployed as a common weight management tool across the enterprise, WA enables faster and more accurate decision-making with on-demand access to visualize, analyze and predict W&B at any point in time during the entire Product Lifecycle (PLC). Highly configurable to work seamlessly within any IT environment, WA’s open architecture design streamlines time consuming repetitive tasks associated with data consolidation to provide the “right” information when it is needed. Who should attend: Weight and Mass Property Engineers as well as Program Managers who need to maintain, manage and forecast weight through the entire lifecycle of a product.

Learn how Altair’s Weight Analytics Solution can:

  • Dramatically reduce time required to consolidate data sources by up to 80%
  • Make decisions up to 50% faster and spend more time analyzing information for solutions to achieve W&B targets
  • Visualize, analyze and predict risk and opportunities at any point during the product lifecycle
  • Run what-if scenarios resulting in actionable information for key decision makers
  • Track and control the maturity of the product

Date: Thursday, 17 July 2014 @ 10:00 AM EDT (3:00 PM BST, 4:00 PM CEST) Register Here

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