Featured Event: NAFEMS Engineering Analysis & Simulation in the Aerospace Industry

Altair will exhibit and present at the NAFEMS Engineering Analysis & Simulation in the Aerospace Industry tomorrow in Montreal, Quebec. Speakers will cover topics relating to the emerging standards and practices in the aerospace industry. The seminar will also be a great opportunity to exchange ideas, identify best practices, and drive the future direction of technology.

The event aims to deliver information and insights on critical topic areas in a manner that maximizes the “take-away” value for attendees. An event agenda and concept championed by several leading figures in the aerospace industry will provide the opportunity to learn about the latest technologies and practices, which attendees can later share and apply within their own organizations.

Altair Aerospace Application Specialist, Arash Firoozrai, will present a ten-minute customer case study on “Innovative Composite Design Synthesis” during the first session of “Case Studies on Innovative End-User Aerospace Applications.” Stop by Altair booth #2 to learn more about our solutions and a chance to win a Drone!

Biba A. Bedi
Biba A. Bedi

About Biba A. Bedi

Biba has a background in business operations support functions of contract program management, human resources, key financial operations, marketing and communications. She joined Altair as a result of Altair’s acquisition of EMSS in 2014 and her current role of Director Corporate Communications and Client Relations includes management, coordination and production of the global Success Story pipeline, authoring success stories for HyperWorks®, content production support and author relations management for Altair Corporate magazine Concept to Reality (C2R), development of press releases, Altair newsletter A60 production, support integration and advancement of blog and social media strategy. She is the Corporate/Americas media POC, as well as presenter liaison for corporate technology conferences. She holds a Bachelor’s degree in Liberal Arts from St. Bede’s College (Himachal Pradesh University), in Shimla, India.