Featured Event: 2015 PBS Works User Group

2015 PBS Works User Group (PBSUG) conference begins today and continues for the rest of the week in Mountain View and Sunnyvalle, California! PBSUG brings together HPC thought leaders, experts, and engineers from around the world to participate in presentations and hands-on workshops.

This year’s goal is to deliver valuable insights and practical information in each and every session, including real world user stories that will resonate with all attendees and access to the entire PBS Works development team headquartered in Sunnyvale, California. Altair CEO, James Scapa, will address the attendees tomorrow to kick off the conference.

It’s a big year for PBS Works, as the conference will be celebrating Altair’s 30th anniversary, 20 years of PBS, the biggest release of PBS Professional 13.0, and much more. We are excited for a week filled with great presentations, workshops, and networking opportunities.

Bill Nitzberg
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Bill Nitzberg

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Dr. Bill Nitzberg is the CTO of PBS Works at Altair Engineering, Inc. With over 30 years in the computer industry, spanning commercial software development to high-performance computing research, Dr. Nitzberg is an internationally recognized expert in parallel and distributed computing. Dr. Nitzberg has served on the board of the Open Grid Forum, he co-architected NASA’s Information Power Grid, edited the MPI-2 I/O standard, and has published numerous papers on distributed shared memory, parallel I/O, PC clustering, job scheduling, and cloud computing. In his spare time, Bill tries to reduce his pack weight for his long-distance hiking trips.