Featured Event: 2015 Japan Altair Technology Conference in Tokyo

Altair Japan is excited to kick-off the 2015 Japan Altair Technology Conference (JATC) in Tokyo this week! The 2-day conference will focus on simulation and optimization technology, cloud computing, design, product development, and more. Altair Japan will also be hosting seminars, workshops, and forums as well as an impressive list of speakers from various industries.

The conference will include 5 main community groups for the users:

FEKO User Meeting
Since last year’s acquisition of EMSS-S.A., HyperWorks now includes the powerful electromagnetic simulation software, FEKO, in its solver suite. This user meeting will cover the product overview, new features, as well as highlighting client success stories.

HyperWorks 14.0 Technical Seminar
The new release of HyperWorks is on its way, and this seminar will introduce its fall release schedule, new user experience, and new features of each solver.

solidThinking Design Community
Industrial design, product design, packaging design, fashion, and more are all welcomed to this community where Altair Japan will bring together in-house designers from various industries to freelance designers to share experience and exchange solutions.

PBS Works User Group in Japan
This seminar will introduce high performance computing (HPC) solutions with PBS Works, along with the Amazon Web Services (AWS), and the latest cloud CAE environment – HyperWorks Unlimited.

ProductDesign Workshop
Altair ProductDesign is a consulting service that provides business and technical analysis and proposals as well as supports in software development, advanced optimization, and process automation using HyperWorks. In this workshop, the attendees will work with Altair ProductDesign to experience the benefits and advantages that we offer.

Moreover, Phiaro, who displayed their 75th Anniversary vehicle, P75 CIPHER, at the Geneva International Motor Show in Switzerland this Spring, will also be presenting their success with Altair HyperWorks® at this year’s Japan ATC.

Take a look at last year’s successful Japan Altair Technology Conference, and we look forward to seeing everyone this week!

Yumi Kasajima
Yumi Kasajima

About Yumi Kasajima

Yumi Kasajima is a Marketing Manager at Altair Japan. Before joining Altair in 2012, she had been working as a Project Manager in a translation company. She studied Business Economics and Slavic Languages in Tokyo University of Foreign Studies.