Featured Event: 2015 India Altair Technology Conference & ATCx Design/Simulation

The 2015 India Altair Technology Conference will take place this week on July 14th and 15th in Bangalore, followed by the 2015 ATCx Design/Simulation on July 17th in New Delhi. Both conferences are filled with valuable information, and will be a great opportunity to learn, exchange, and network with CAE/CFD leaders and experts in the industries.

The 2015 India ATC will be a two-day parallel conference with four main focuses – Cloud, Model Based Development, Design, and Electromagnetic Simulation. Each day is dedicated to three parallel conference topics with Altair and customer case study presentations, discussions, exhibition, and networking sessions.

ATC – Design

All decision makers and senior executives related to design development and management from studios, product design, and research and development are welcome to attend this event! ATC Design will reveal upcoming releases of solidThinking Inspire and Evolve with live demonstrations as well as case studies and solutions that can transform product design and development.

ATC – Model Based Development

This event will feature a case study from Texas Instruments with VisSim Lab. Examples of embedded development for Digital Power and Electric Drive applications will be presented as well as solutions to reduce design errors, requirement misses, and all attribute that may longer development times and costs.

ATC – Electromagnetic Simulation

This event is dedicated to FEKO, a comprehensive computational electromagnetics (CEM) code used widely in the telecommunications, automobile, aerospace, and defense industry, which became a part of Altair in 2014, and has since been added to the HyperWorks solver suite.

ATC – Cloud

This event will be focused on improving productivity, reducing cost, and simplifying HPC environments using PBS Works and Software Asset Optimization tools. This event will bring together HPC and engineering IT experts from diverse verticals like manufacturing, scientific research, oil and gas, electronic design automation, education, and more. It will showcase PBS Works, SAO, Simulation Cloud, DataManager, and HyperWorks Unlimited.

Executive Events: The Next Gen Transportation Ideas for Emerging Markets

Two invite-only exclusive CXO level thought leadership programs will be held at the conference, which will bring together leaders from the industry for a panel discussion to explore the future transportation design demands. The panel will discuss ideas to meet the challenges posed by changing customer aspirations and preferences, safety and regulatory requirements, adoption of new technologies, expansion/pressure on infrastructure, emerging transportation models, cleantech/environmental impact and many more. Five executives from leading transportation organizations will form the panel at each venue, and over 150 executives have registered to attend.

The 2015 ATCx Design/Simulation in New Delhi on July 17th will include keynotes from leaders across all major industries with Altair Chief Executive Officer, James Scapa, and Chief Technical Officer, Uwe Schramm, sharing Altair’s vision and outlook for future innovations. The one-day conference will provide a unique opportunity to experience how leading organizations are increasingly adapting virtual simulation to address product design and manufacturing challenges.

Over 125 customer case studies will be presented and nearly 1,500 delegates have registered across both locations. We look forward to meeting everyone and hosting a successful conference week! Visit www.altairatc.com/india for more details on the agenda and registration.

Rajneesh Shinde
Rajneesh Shinde

About Rajneesh Shinde

Rajneesh joined Altair India in 2003 and is currently Sr. Director for Marketing at Altair India. He has over 22 years of CAD/CAM/CAE/PLM experience with a variety of leading customers in the Automotive, Aerospace, Consumer Goods, Defense and Industrial Machinery segments. His current role includes marketing and communication activities in India & GCC region, as well as handling the Channels business & Technical Support Team. He holds a Bachelor’s degree in Mechanical Engineering.