Featured Event: 2014 FEMFAT Webinar Series

ECS Magna Powertrain and the Altair Partner Alliance have teamed together to bring a 5 part webinar series focusing on fatigue and durability software, FEMFAT. Attend each session to learn about different topics from introductory to specific applications. Each webinar is free to attend and lasts around 45 minutes. Fatigue analysis on thermal load cycles by FEMFAT HEAT

Date: July 9

Time: 9:00 am EDT

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  • Questions to be answered during this webinar:
  • What are thermal load cycles?
  • How do steel/iron or Aluminum suffer from these loads?
  • What is the theory behind the damage terms?
  • How are the material parameter determined?
  • Which FEA has to be carried out ?
  • How is the input handled in FEMFAT?
  • What are typical results from HEAT?
  • Can we combine HCF and LCF analysis?
Altair Partner Alliance
Altair Partner Alliance

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