Faster Concept Modeling: Bringing Efficiency to Early Product Development

As automotive OEMs push to reduce design cycles and reuse their platforms for multiple programs, the importance of analysis feedback in early phases of design cycle has become invaluable. The easy-to-learn mesh morphing features of HyperWorks X will bring efficiency to teams working on simulation models early in product development. These workflows enable concept level changes to be made directly on an existing FEA model, bypassing CAD generation and accelerating decision making.

The HyperWorks X Morphing workflows enable an existing product or system to be modified quickly. This allows you to explore more ideas sooner using a current model without the slow, costly and labor-intensive traditional geometry creation and meshing tasks. Multiple variants can be generated quickly using the manipulation tools, while the rebuild algorithm maintains the desired mesh quality.

The design iterations like changing the wheelbase, roof height of Body in White along with modifying the doors to match the intended design change, can be easily done using morphing workflows in HyperWorks X. In addition, creating a new design content, such as cross-members, has never been so easy. The users can quickly create cross-sections on the fly or import existing sections from a design library to create a concept. The new meshing workflow ensures that the newly created parts are meshed appropriately.

All the latest and trusted HyperMesh functionality is also available within HyperWorks X. HyperMesh 2019 creates the best meshes yet for more accurate simulations and enables easier modeling of complex castings and injection molded parts. The model build and assembly tools enable CAE to keep pace with design through rapid part and assembly swapping with management of multiple configurations.

No matter which industry you work in I’m excited for you to try HyperWorks X and experience the pre-processing power and efficiency for yourself.

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Sudeep Chavare
Sudeep Chavare

About Sudeep Chavare

Sudeep Chavare is the Technical Manager at Altair Engineering. Sudeep has over 11 years of experience working in the field of CAE-concept development, morphing, MDO and NVH. He has worked at multiple automotive OEMs engaging CAE driven design development and providing engineering feedback in early stages of product design cycle. Sudeep is a Mechanical Engineer with a master’s degree from Clemson University.