Tutorial: Export data to CSV, XML or JSON

We have just released a new feature to make Carriots more open and flexible to our users. Now you can export all your data on Carriots to a single or multiple files. Although Carriots makes it very easy to integrate your data with many external IT systems, some of our users wanted a simple way to export data to a file, to load it on a program or just to make a backup of it.

List of Export Requests Available

The export tool we have created starts with a simple form that lets you:

  • Filter the data you want to export; or export everything.
  • Sort data in many ways.
  • Select the format of the output file (CSV, XML or JSON).
  • Limit the size of the output file in MB or lines per file. The data will be chopped in several files if the limit is reached. Remember this is BIG DATA, and you can have a HUGE amount of data stored in Carriots!

Fill this form to request an Export of your data.

The process works asynchronously, this means that an export request is created and Carriots process it when it is possible and then sends you a notification email when done. You can have 10 requests simultaneously.

Once you export request is finished (normally it takes just a few minutes) you will have 7 days to download the file(s).

Simple download the requested files

Just access the Data Export feature from the Data Management section. Another day we will talk on the possibilities of this new feature and complexity of transforming Big Data into a single file.

In the meantime Enjoy Carriots!

Alvaro Everlet
Alvaro Everlet

About Alvaro Everlet

Mr. Everlet is an experienced manager and business oriented technical solution provider. His skills help companies successfully build Internet of Things Solutions that meet both their technical and business goals providing: business modelling, competitive analysis, technology framework definition and implantation, action plans, engineering supervision ending with marketing and sales assessment. Lecturer at IE International Business School. Mr. Everlet earned his Bachelor of Science in Computer Science from The Polytechnic University of Madrid and King Juan Carlos University. Holds also a Master in Business Administration from the Business Management School (EAE) of Madrid.