Everyday Data Users Can Now Achieve Extraordinary Results

In case you missed it, the latest version of Monarch—version 13.5 which was just released last week—is our greatest self-service data prep solution yet. With lots of new functionality and features, Monarch 13.5 lets you mine data from virtually any source and manipulate, blend, enrich and prepare it for analysis more quickly and easily than any other method out there.

In short, Monarch 13.5 lets everyday users do extraordinary things. And we’re not the only ones who think so. The product received a top ranking (5 out of 5) by Gartner’s peer group.


With a focus on efficiency and productivity, version 13.5 lets you:

Integrate with Microsoft Power BI – Export prepared data directly into Microsoft Power BI, significantly expanding the breadth of data sources available to Microsoft users.

Access Google Analytics as a data source – Leverage the valuable metrics and insights from Google Analytics by accessing it as a data source and merging it with other enterprise data to get a better, clearer picture of the business.

Enjoy intuitive Salesforce.com import capabilities – Access Salesforce.com reports as a data source (in addition to table-based access) to significantly improve performance and trust.

Instantly work with very large data sets – Perform data preparation on a subset of loaded data first for improved data processing speed and efficiency, and then apply finalized workflows to the full data set.

Create shared data source libraries – Quickly identify the trusted sources of data available and eliminate repetitive setting-up of data source connections by accessing frequently used connections in the Data Source Library.

Use advanced data preparation operations – Benefit from more than 40 new features, including de-duplication and negative joins for automatic reconciliation.

Become an instant data preparation expert – Experience guided help, which offers in-context suggestions that walk users through every step of the process.