An Event to Remember: Altair Presence at Maker Faire Detroit 2016 a Huge Success!

18 hours
30,000 people
2 thunderstorms
2400 Sno Cones
750 Blade walks
199 completed surveys
1 TV interview

What does this equal?  Two days of letting everyone know about some of the cool things we do here at Altair. This past weekend, Altair participated in the eighth annual Maker Faire Detroit where we showcased several of our innovative solutions including Inspire, TOGGLED, Envision and the industrial design we do on our product development team.


Although the sno-cones were a huge draw, each of the interactive stations were busy all day, each day as well.


The optimized Polaris snowmobile sparked many in-depth conversations. Our Plinko game pulled people in for the chance to win fabulous prizes and the Toggled display and team kept them there to learn about our energy-saving, long-lasting lighting solutions. Envision dashboards gave us beautiful visuals showing who people thought would win the presidential election this fall (Hillary – with 22% more of the votes than Trump) among other stats generated from our survey. The PD team kept people hopping by fitting them with the Blake Leeper prototypes and helping them walk/run/jump while explaining the design steps necessary. All ages took advantage of this opportunity.


“It was gratifying to see how interested kids were and how the parents made it a point to show them the entire design process. Hopefully, we inspired the next generation of makers.” said Sujith Sunny, Industrial Design Intern at Altair


We were thrilled to be a part of an event that brought together such an engaged crowd.

Kelli Baird
Kelli Baird

About Kelli Baird

Kelli is currently the director of executive programs and relations for Altair. Her duties encompass a wide variety of things including executive management, corporate event planning and execution, community relations outreach and anything else that comes across her desk. She has been with Altair since 2011. Prior to that she was the vice president and executive producer at an experiential marketing company in the Metro Detroit area.