Eliminate Your Content Blind Spot

It’s critical for organizations to drive efficiencies while also maintaining a customer focus. The only way to get the insights necessary to do this is to leverage every shred of data available, in every format, in every source, to gain a comprehensive view of your business. For most organizations, this has meant focusing a lot of time and resources accessing structured data sources that reside in data warehouses. But this data is only the tip of the iceberg. Other unstructured data sources such as websites, tweets and blogs provide insights that are just as critical for determining trends that could impact your business.

However, there’s still a big piece of the data puzzle that most organizations are missing. We call it the content blind spot.

Semi-structured data contained in reports, EDI streams and PDF files are an important link to past decisions and a critical piece of the data puzzle. These untapped data sources in your content blind spot are growing at a tremendous rate and have become the language of business for many industries like healthcare, financial services and retail sales. As you’ve added systems like ERPs and CRMs, you’ve also added thousands of “standard reports.” With EDI exchanges, you’re accumulating commerce data. As PDF versions of invoices and bills of lading are exchanged, vital data is being saved. And the information that’s been accumulating in enterprise content management (ECM) systems to track corporate history and statutory reporting offers a historical perspective.

These rich data sources contain vital business insights that most organizations aren’t using. Eliminate your content blind spot by quickly and easily extracting and combining all your data sources for a holistic view of your business, without having to rely on IT.