Electrical Machines, Noise, Vibration & Auditory Sensation

Since the creation of the first electrical machine, the terms of use of electrical machines have evolved. Thus, the design and optimization of the electrical machines need to take into account several phenomena: electromagnetic, mechanical, thermal and vibro-acoustic.
The phenomenon of vibrations and noise can be harmful for the machine itself and its environment. Thus, it is necessary for the designer to take into account vibration and noise early at the design stage. In addition, constraints on the reduction of vibration and noise emitted by electrical machines are increasingly restrictive as shown in the table below. Generally, we find three types of noise: aerodynamics noise (due to fan), magnetic noise (due to slot effect) and mechanical noise (due to bearing).

CEDRAT has developed a tool that allows us to take into account the magnetic noise. The toll allows a simple and quick magnetic force computation that we export to mechanical software (Virtual.Lab. and Nastran) to make a vibro-acoustic study.


STI 2006

Customer requirement 2009

Customer requirement >2010

External noise

81 dB(A)



Evolution of the noise constraints (source ALSTOM TRANSPORT)

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