Tutorial: Device Geolocation

Carriots community rules! Yes, many of you had requested this nice feature so here it is. Now devices can be easily located and displayed in a built-in map.

Two new fields, latitude and longitude, are now part of devices’ inner properties and can be used to locate a device. Your current devices without those coordinates won’t be displayed in control panel’s map, but you only need to fill those fields to see them appear automatically.

As usual, there is a tutorial to start using it easy. You will learn:

  • How to automatically update a device’s location from stream’s data.
  • How to know if a device is inside a specific area

Here it is: https://www.carriots.com/tutorials/geolocation

There are new SDK functions added to determine if a device is in an area, the “inside” function. Documentation can be found here: https://www.carriots.com/documentation/sdk/core_libraries#device

Control panel screenshot

And also remember that new fields can be used in the REST API queries and take the full advantage of its potential. Just two examples:

Is my device inside this 100 meters range?


How many devices are in this 100 meters range?


Enjoy Carriots!

Alvaro Everlet
Alvaro Everlet

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