Recollections: Converge 2017 LA

Converge (kənˈvərj) verb 1. to tend to meet in a point of line; incline towards each other, as lines that are not parallel

I offer up the formal definition above as ‘Converge’ is the name of our annual global conference series that explores the convergence of design and technology. We have seen time and time again these two seemingly opposite fields (right brain vs. left brain) coming together to form a beautiful union and produce both unexpected, yet amazing results.

It has been a couple of weeks now since our latest materialization of Converge in Los Angeles, CA, and now that I have truly had time to sit back and reflect, I am in awe of how great the theme came together along with our amazing presenters to create a truly one-of-a-kind conference! Best of all, most of the presentations are available on-demand. You can see recordings of all the amazing presentations here –

To try and help our attendees avoid the dreaded Los Angeles traffic, the day kicked off at 11am with a great introductory presentation from Altair’s Chief Marketing Officer, Jeff Brennan. Jeff welcomed the attendees and set the stage for the day explaining what the conference was all about and letting everyone know what to expect.

Leading off our group of Keynotes was Tim Prestero of Design that Matters. Tim inspired and captivated our attendees with the story of his company, specifically talking about their latest invention the Firefly phototherapy device which has treated over 100,000 newborn babies in over 23 different countries.

Later in the morning, Christine Outram of Veritas prep shared her vision on the future of design and specifically discussed five of the most relevant trends in the industry including artificial intelligence, voice control, and more!

Next up was Tim Morton, the Director of Industrial Design at Newell Brands. Tim talked about the rapid growth that Newell Brands have seen since 2013 and discussed some of the key reasons he sees for this growth including Inspiring consumers, creating engaging experiences, and delivering upon the promise it set out to accomplish across more than 40 brands.

These sessions alone were enough to make the conference great, but this was just the morning! We also saw unforgettable presentations from Doris Sung of DOSU Studio Architecture, Hod Lipson of Columbia University, Bill Washabaugh of Hypersonic, Greg Lynn of Greg Lynn FORM, Michael Peng from Gensler, and then Jason Lopes of Carbon to close the day! Each of these presentations were amazing in their own right and I wish I had the time to discuss each, but like I said, the presentations were recorded and are available for you to watch here –

Converge this year was a huge success, our attendees were inspired, captivated, and amazed. All throughout the day we kept hearing great feedback from everyone we talked to. If you ever have a chance to attend, I may be a little biased, but I highly recommend checking it out.

Next up is Converge in Essen, Germany. I am thrilled to attend this event and the planning team is ramping up as the weeks get closer. If you would like to learn more, visit –


About Chad Zamler

Chad is the Vice President of Campaign Marketing at Altair. Prior to joining the company, he spent time with a number of companies in both online marketing and web project management. He has been with Altair since 2011, and holds BA and MBA degrees in Marketing from Michigan State University.