Composites Conversation Continues at SAMPE

Last week I attended the International SAMPE Conference and Exhibition in Baltimore, MD.  It was another excellent conference highlighting the continued growth of advanced materials and composites.

One of the conversation topics that came up repeatedly in my interactions with attendees is that the industry is doing a great job in coming up with new materials but we are much slower in testing and certifying these new materials.  Many of these materials offer tremendous advantages but if they are not fully characterized they cannot be used in many applications. 

Computers and simulation will play a larger role in the development, testing and certification of advanced materials. Optimization methods will be used to help engineer materials for specific applications.  Gerould Young of Boeing provides great insight on the topic in a recent article in the JEC Composites Magazine (register free here to check out the article; it’s in the April-May 2012 issue, pages 28-30). He discusses the trends and challenges ahead and highlights the needs for greater application of optimization methods and simulation in the design and certification of new materials.  As advanced materials and composites use continue to grow, Altair remains committed to applying our technology and expertise in optimization and simulation in all areas where we can provide value, including the advanced materials industry.

Simone Bonino
Simone Bonino

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Simone joined Altair Italy in 2001, and is currently the Vice President of Marketing for HyperWorks® at Altair. He has over 20 years of experience in the PLM market, particularly in the field of manufacturing simulation and business development. His current role includes overseeing the global marketing strategy for the extended HyperWorks brand, integrating contributions from the other Altair divisions, and building a cohesive message with dynamic marketing materials for the CAE and PLM market. He holds an associate degree in mechanical engineering from the Istituto Tecnico Industriale (ITI) Edoardo Agnelli in Torino, Italy.