Cloud-Based Simulation Platforms Strengthen the Composites Community

This guest post on Innovation Intelligence was written by Allan Wood, President & CEO at AnalySwift, developer of SwiftComp Micromechanics, a modeling tool for composites. AnalySwift is a member of the Altair Partner Alliance.

Noting the lack of a general purpose-computational tool for design and analysis of heterogeneous materials and structures (including composites) a decade ago, Dr. Wenbin Yu launched development of the VAMUCH code. The program, now called SwiftComp Micromechanics, offers users time-saving advantages by eliminating the tradeoff between accuracy and efficiency in multiphysics, multiscale modeling. For instance, an analysis that would normally take hours using Finite Element Analysis (FEA), takes only minutes or seconds with SwiftComp, without a loss of accuracy. Funded initially by the National Science Foundation, SwiftComp generated significant interest and development continued with the support of industry and government sponsors.

Today part of the Altair Partner Alliance (APA), AnalySwift’s SwiftComp Micromechanics is a truly general-purpose, multiscale, constitutive modeling software that enables engineers to efficiently yet accurately model composite materials and structures. SwiftComp offers the versatility of the finite element method, accuracy of detailed finite element analysis, and the efficiency of analytical micromechanics approaches. As part of the APA, SwiftComp interfaces within the HyperWorks® framework, enabling users to visualize their results in HyperMesh® and HyperView®.

yperWorks SwiftComp - 2D fiber reinforced

HyperWorks SwiftComp – 2D fiber reinforced

SwiftComp is an efficient, general-purpose micromechanics code for computing effective properties and local fields of composites, providing a unified approach to both micromechanics modeling and the structural mechanics modeling of composites. For instance, SwiftComp can quickly compute the complete set of effective fully-coupled, multiphysical properties (thermal, elastic, electric, and magnetic) in one analysis without application of highly crafted load and boundary conditions, post-processing, or multiple runs which are typical for other approaches. SwiftComp not only computes the constitutive models for all composites structures including beams, plates/shells, or 3D structures, it also recovers the local field within the original material based on macroscopic structural behavior.

Despite his previous success with another popular composites modeling program, VABS (helicopter and wind turbine blades), Dr. Yu spent years seeking a solution to overcome the struggle of sending his various tools to users with differing machines and operating systems. The exhaustive updating of multiple versions of his codes for organizations benchmarking or licensing them diverted valuable time from development and research.

Sample contour plot in Hyperview

Sample contour plot in Hyperview

With his company, AnalySwift, a member of the APA, the powerful SwiftComp Micromechanics program was easily available to APA members, but it still remained tedious to distribute SwiftComp to non-APA customers. Enter the newly launched Composites Design and Manufacturing HUB (cdmHUB) platform, a cloud-based cooperative platform offering anytime, anywhere access to simulation tools to develop composite materials and structures. Paired with Altair’s APA, the duo quickly became an ideal solution. Altair customers wishing to try SwiftComp can do so through the APA, while those not currently participating in the APA can benchmark SwiftComp through the cdmHUB.

The cdmHUB is designed to strengthen synergies in the composite community by showcasing and evaluating a wide array of emerging and existing simulation tools, including AnalySwift’s SwiftComp Micromechanics, among others. The platform is based at Purdue University, where Dr. Wenbin Yu is now Associate Professor of Aeronautics and Astronautics and Associate Director of the cdmHUB. With the support of sponsors such as Boeing, DARPA, Cytec Engineering Materials, and others, cdmHub is becoming a helpful resource for engineers interested not only in simulation tools, but also in enhancing, educating, and unifying the composites community.

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