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The Invisible Force of Induction

There’s something fascinating in the transmission of energy without contact. Whether it is a vehicle being charged contactless, or a sauce pan being heated through a glass, my little daughter sees it as a mystery. Today, the finite element simulation … Read More

Motor Production: When Technology Becomes Art

8 minutes of very didactic and pure technology: The elaboration and industrialization of a motor has always been something fantastic to me… especially when it’s working as expected at the end, which requires a good design. After watching this video, … Read More

Featured Video: CTRL-A

Erik has reserved for you his own all-time favorite tip & trick: how to run a simple script that would enable as a shortcut to select all the elements, surfaces, lines or solids in a model.

Featured Video: Introduction to RADIOSS

Altair RADIOSS is a leading structural analysis solver for highly non-linear problems under dynamic loadings. It is highly differentiated for Scalability, Quality and Robustness, and consists of features for multiphysics simulation and advanced materials such as composites.

Featured Video: HyperWorks® Collaboration Tools

HyperWorks Collaboration Tools organize and manage the data and files used throughout the simulation life cycle. Collaboration Tools are seamlessly integrated within the HyperWorks Desktop suite of applications, providing users with a natural and convenient environment for accessing and storing … Read More