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Altair SimSolid technology overview

Here is a video that goes over the technology behind Altair SimSolid and how it is different from traditional FEA. It includes lots of detail on the Solution settings dialog and how to used it in different situations. Take a … Read More

How to export Altair SimSolid animations

With our latest release, Altair SimSolid can now export deformation or mode shape animations into a H.264 encoded MP4 file. To export an animation, right mouse button select any animation bookmark (those with a triangle in the upper left corner) … Read More

When Science Meets Extreme Sports!

DDB Brussels has launched a slightly controversial commercial to promote IKEA’s ‘Wireless Charging Collection’ to create the first wireless bungee jump. A wireless bungee jump! It looks so real 🙂 Is it already possible? What are you thinking about?