Carriots new features: APIKEY management

Hi all!
We are pleased to announce a bunch of new features and interesting stuff at Carriots.

APIKEY management is now available for free account users. Fine grained visibility and privilege customization that allows to define a lot of combinations like:

  • A device that only send streamsCarriots APIKEy management
  • External Javascript application that wants to check for device’s streams
  • Manage any entity with full privileges below a specific service (down to the streams)
  • Only read any information below a specific project

Also related to this topic you can now scan your APIKEY with your smartphone using QR codes. Check it in your control panel at My settings -> My account -> Show/Hide QrCode

There is a new option for optional stream persistence. You can now avoid streams to be persisted after data received event is fired. It can be useful to keep your data streams clean when working with raw data. More details in our documentation page: API -> Data management -> Streams

You may also have noticed that there is a new logo trailing down in our webpage footer. Yes, that’s it! You will find our Carriots Github account ( full of code ready to use:

Carriots Github account

  • Arduino
  • Arduino YUN
  • Arduino librairies
  • Beagle bone
  • Fez Cerbuino

And that’s not all. All this code is released with some easy tutorials that you will want to check:

Of course, some minor bug fixes are continuously released. Ask us in the forum!

More features to come in the next days.

Enjoy Carriots!

Alvaro Everlet
Alvaro Everlet

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