CAERI Selects Altair FEKO for Automotive EMC and Antenna Design

We recently talked about Electromagnetic Compatibility (EMC) in this article, mainly to discuss why and how EMC has become a key and sensitive topic in the automotive industry. Car manufacturers that work closely with their suppliers, not only need to ensure that electromagnetic problems will not occur when integrating components and systems in the car, but also fulfil the related EMC regulations. As a result, Altair FEKO, part of the HyperWorks suite, is helping both automotive OEMs and their suppliers to perform electromagnetic simulations for emissions and immunity EMC analysis, design, and validation purposes.

China Automotive Engineering Research Institute Co., Ltd (CAERI) is a national level referent research institute in China that was established in 1965, previously named Chongqing Heavy-Duty Vehicle Research Institute. CAERI provides technical services for automobile and manufacturing operations including development of products and manufacturing of special vehicles and key components.

The highly experienced EMC Department in CAERI cooperates with many Chinese automotive groups, plays a very active role in the industry standardization, and was looking for a leading electromagnetic simulation (EM) tool for EMC and antenna design with a strong track record in the global automotive market. Some of the applications they were interested in are cross-talk, cable radiation and irradiation and windscreen antenna analysis.

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After a comprehensive and detailed evaluation process where other tools were also analyzed, CAERI selected FEKO as the most suitable tool due to several important key factors: the good performance and accuracy of the hybrid solvers, the specialized features including the cable modeling and the windscreen antenna tools, and the high quality and reliability of the local technical support.

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Jordi Soler
Jordi Soler

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