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For those of you that are new to the world of M2M and Internet of Things, a nice book to read is M2M for Dummies edited by Wiley. This ebook is sponsored by RACO wireless and that means you can freely download it here . The book is written by Brian Underdahl, an experienced and prolific writer of this type of manuals.

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The book starts with the basic of M2M technology written in plain English. Writing a dummies book for M2M is far more complex that explaining a software tool like excel. The focus of the book is then explaining the blocks a company will need to integrate to build a M2M solution. Some examples of these type solutions are given in very different sectors form e-health to industry automation. Some of these examples reflect how an exiting solution, like a home alarm system, can be improved by switching a landline connection to a wireless operator.

The second chapter covers very briefly the requirements and implications you must considering when you choose a hardware manufacture, a software application and a telecom operator. All of these arguments are very high level and most case obvious. But is a very good exercise to read them since the obvious is forgotten until problems arise. The arguments related to the IT part of the M2M solutions are correct although it would have been nice to go deeper on some concepts. In contrast the description of connectivity related topics are more detailed. Obviously this book has been advised by RACO, a telecom operator specialized in M2M, and the networking material is based on their expertise.

Chapter three covers all the topics you will have worry when you roll out a M2M solution to provide a service to you customers. Some advises are given on requirements to maintain devices, provide security and customer support. Like before it is a check-list of highly important matters that must care about.

Chapter four covers RACO wireless solutions and benefits as a connectivity provider. Nowadays telecom operators are more than data Carriers. RACO provides a lot of IT services to help you manage your connectivity in M2M projects. They were one first movers in that direction and now even the largest telecom operators follow that path.

Last chapter is a list of 10 facts about M2M. Probably you are already familiar with most of them, although some of them might surprise you like “95% of all M2M systems require just 2G speed”.

Our Conclusion: This book is very basic but only takes 30 minutes to read and you might learn some new concepts. We think that is the spirit of this “for CEOs” “for Dummies” series. Worth reading and sharing among your colleagues and top managers like this one:

Carriots CEO: This guy is far more dangerous than Dilbert’s ® boss!

Enjoy it!

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Alvaro Everlet

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