Book Review: Industrial Internet edited by O’Reilly (Free ebook)

Today we are going to talk about a book that has just been published under the Radar collection of O’reilly publishing. This collection tracks the latest technology trends of the Internet. This report is only available as a free ebook (download from O’reilly website) or on read it online at Safari online books.

Industrial Internet Book Cover

The writer is Jon Bruner, a data journalist, who works at O’Reilly as editor-at-large. Before that, he was data editor at Forbes Magazine. Jon spoke with 50 experts from the industries discussed in this report. General Electric has underwritten this report, and helped finding the industry experts interviewed.

The book starts by perfectly describing the Industrial Internet as the Enterprise Internet of Things where machines become a Web service. The elements of this ecosystem are available anywhere at little cost and composed of:

  • pervasive networks
  • open-source microcontrollers
  • software that collects and analyses massive amounts of data
  • software to control machines and provide intelligence

From the start the author quotes many of the interviews and provides many real examples of projects implementing this concept of Industrial Internet. The diversity of people interviewed offers a broad vision on the matter that is really useful to understand how big this phenomenon is. And we are just at the beginning of this new Industrial Revolution.

Chapter 2 deals with Security and how education will be a crucial part of the effort to keep the Industrial Internet safe. This chapter is too short, perhaps because few works on this topic have been done and published. Certainly, security of machines connected to the Internet will be a hot area of R&D during the future years.

Chapter 3 analyses the impact of Industrial Internet on the following industries:

  • Energy
  • Automotive
  • Transportation
  • Healthcare
  • Manufacturing

On each sector some projects are described to give you examples of what can be done. But the most interesting feeling you get after reading this chapter is that 99% of the work in Industrial Internet remains to be done. There is a HUGE list of challenges and projects ahead. If you are looking for business opportunities in IOT you should definitely read this chapter.

Chapter 4 reviews Silicon Valley innovation in the Industrial Internet. Obviously we don’t agree with this chapter being so focused on the valey. At Carriots we know that right now MANY poles of innovation are doing great research and product development in this field. Silicon Valey is a hot spot but at the same level as England, Spain, Germany, Sweden, India, or many others. The Future is not what it used to be, designed in California.

Our conclusion on the book: It is an excellent report that can be easily read in a few hours but that keep you thinking for days on this subject and the opportunities to come. Specially recommended to the new comers to the M2M and IOT world

Price of the ebook: FREE. Thanks to General Electric

Where to download it (in fact you buy it for 0$):

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