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Ian Littlewood is a long-time Altairian of nearly 20 years. He holds a degree in mechanical engineering and began work in engineering design on industrial and automotive machinery in 1991, then transitioned to CAE analysis — and HPC systems — while working primarily on car suspension components, cross car beams, engine mounts, and other projects for key global OEMs. This started a long history of using workload management tools and tuning application sets on HPC systems. At Altair, Ian has supported Altair HyperWorks™, where knowledge of desktop and HPC application tuning is critical, and managed Altair’s UK HPC footprint. He moved into workload management with Altair PBS Professional™ 15 years ago to support, implement, and architect customer solutions for major customers. After a period in sales, he transitioned to product management to bring his breadth of knowledge to bear in mapping customer requirements into the software development process of Altair PBS Works Suite.

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