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Craig Mackiewicz is the Industrial Design Manager at Altair Thinklabs. He joined Altair in 2008 and has since played a role in the development of the Human Centered Design Studio Altair Thinklabs. A graduate of the College for Creative Studies; he believes that listening, research, understanding, and a solid creative process are the avenues to creating phenomenal results that impact our lives. Craig has also been a part of the IDSA through many positions, his most current being the Michigan Chapter Chair for the IDSA. Craig is a also an adjunct teacher with the College for Creative Studies. He has been awarded multiple IDSA IDEA awards since graduation in 2008, and was nominated for the World Technology Summits Designer of 2009 in New York. He has work in publications including Fast Company and Business Week.

Rethinking Running Blades

When the U.S. Paralympian runner, Blake Leeper, who was born without legs below the knee, challenged the audience of industrial designers at the 2013 Industrial Designers Society of America (IDSA) conference to advance running blade technology, what did Altair do? … Read More