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Charline is the Marketing Specialist for Altair IoT Solutions and has been with Altair since 2016. Prior to joining the company, she spent 3 years at a startup company in both marketing and operations. She holds BA in communications and MBA degree in business degree of International Business.

Insights from IoT Tech Connect 2018

This year, I made my first visit to the IoT Tech Connect Conference in Troy, Michigan and I admit that I found the whole conference very interesting. I am very glad I was able to attend. Especially with it being … Read More

Intelligent Connections for Smarter Buildings: Altair leverages Intel’s Building Management Platform (BMP) & CANDI to bring more data, devices, and services to building analytics

In an increasingly connected world, many companies are looking to make “smarter” buildings. The concept is relatively simple—a smart building is a structure that uses automated processes to monitor and control the building’s operations, including lighting, security, heating, ventilation, and … Read More