ATCx Russia – Presenting the Efficient Use of Multiphysics Solutions

When I arrived in St. Petersburg for the 2nd ATCx Russia on November 30th I immediately realized that winter in Russia is full of colorful lights, big Christmas trees, snow, cold and darkness. But of course, I was not there to enjoy the Christmas decorations, so what else is there to do in St. Petersburg, in such a climate, when the sun rises only at 9:30 and the snow is falling? You go to a conference to hear about the multi-physic solution of Altair – of course. And that’s just what I did.

CompMechLab had organized the 2nd ATCx Russia on December 1 and when I arrived at the venue I immediately thought that I had made the right decision. Not only me, but with me around 150 representatives from 55 high-tech companies, and 7 Russian universities. The conference was held at the Scientific & Research Building of St. Petersburg Polytechnic University Peter the Great. The one-day event was organized with one plenary session in the morning and two technical sessions in the afternoon. This gave attendees the option to choose which topic was of most interest for them and their company. The plenary session was dedicated to Altair’s latest developments in Multiphysics, CAE, additive manufacturing, optimization and electromagnetics, featuring presentations from Altair, SPbPU, CompMechLab, and others. The afternoon was enriched by presentations from leading Russian enterprises, such as UEC-Aviadvigatel, JSC (Perm), AVTOVAZ, PJSC (Togliatti), Progresstech Ltd. (Moscow), as well as DeskArtes Oy (Finland). Further presentations from Altair, CompMechLab, and Key To Metals AG, a member of the Partner Alliance (APA) completed the program.

SPbPU Vice-Rector for Advanced Projects, CompMechLab Group founder, co-leader of the NTI TechNet workgroup, FoF leader Prof. Alexey Borovkov (CompMechLab®) opened the plenary session with his presentation: “Digital, Smart, Virtual Factories of the Future. Digital Twins”. Prof. Borovkov spoke about the current trends in advanced manufacturing and the digital economy, answered questions about the challenges Industry 4.0 brings to the world and about what role Virtual Factories will play in the manufacturing of globally competitive products. In his presentation he also focused in the topic digital twins and how they can be applied in various manufacturing areas.

Following the presentation of Prof. Borovkov, Altair’s CTO Dr. Uwe Schramm welcomed all conference participants also from Altair’s side and impressed the audience with his good Russian. He then continued his presentation with an overview of Altair’s business concepts and the latest Altair software applications for multiphysics cross-disciplinary problems solution. Altair’s HyperWorks software suite includes a broad range of nonlinear solvers and topology optimization tools, as well as applications such as FEKO and FLUX, the comprehensive solvers for electromagnetic and thermal simulations of the suite.

Kimon Afsaridis, Dr. Lazaros Tsioraklidis and Dr. Kamila Rodoz Flidrova (all Altair) spoke about the main features of design and visualization technologies implemented in HyperWorks and the tool’s vast application in industries all over the world. Among other topics they unveiled the latest version of Altair’s software for vehicle crash impact simulation – RADIOSS – and presented Altair’s solutions for impact and fluid structure interaction (FSI) analysis in aeronautic applications. The capabilities of Altair’s finite element pre-processors HyperMesh (any complicated 1D, 2D, 3D mesh generation) and SimLab (automated mesh, assembly mesh, middle-surface automated generation for shell element mesh creation) were also presented.

All speakers from Altair, international companies as well as leading Russian enterprises have shared insights into their development processes and showed how challenges in product development can be overcome by allying the right Altair HyperWorks tools and methods at the right time.

In addition to the comprehensive conference program, the event also offered room for discussions and networking between attendees.

Jointly with CompMechLab® and SPbPU, we would like to thank all speakers and participants of the 2nd ATCx Russia and hope to see you all at the next ATCx Russia conference in February 2019!

Charlotte Hartmann
Charlotte Hartmann

About Charlotte Hartmann

Charlotte is the Web and Content Marketing Coordinator for Altair Germany, which includes organizing web based events, managing the web presence of physical events and Altair Germany's social media presence. She has been with Altair since 2015 and studied Cultural Studies, Knowledge Management and Logistics in Magdeburg in Northern Germany.