ATCx Korea – IoT and the digital twin event

Scene Sketch for the IoT and digital twin, innovative technological fusion

IoT is the favorite topic around the world – the buzz that everyone is discussing. Smart accessories such as bracelets, glasses, and cars have already made their way through the sci-fi movie industry into our daily life. Reality TV gives you a glimpse into how everything is beginning to come together from the sensors on highway signs tracking your license plate to as you drive, to smart cement: cement equipped with sensors to monitor stresses, cracks, and warpages making our roadways safer, and a multitude of other items embedded with electronics, software, sensors, actuators, and network connectivity which enable these objects to collect and exchange data. Couple that with digital twin machine learning based on the data being collected and shared and you start to see the enormity of this tiny acronym.

Altair Korea invited thought leaders from around the region to discuss the development and direction of IoT and what they see as our global, connected future. Nine published experts along with such EDU luminaries such as Professor Junkee Lee, Dr. Jihoon JEONG and Jinjoong KIM (Chairman of Strategic technology research center, Yanolja) addressed an audience of over a 100 people in what was an exciting and enlightening day.



Wonyong Shim, Altair Korea starts the event


A Keynote at the Opening – Business Model of IoT
Yonsei University Professor Junkee LEE


Opening Keynote – Business Opportunities brought by IoT, Dr. Jihoon JEONG


Device and Gateway IoT, Digital Twin with IoT, Ikjung LEE (Altair Korea)


Device and Gateway IoT,  Smart Sensor Design,  Euijun HWANG (Altair Korea)


Device and Gateway IoT,  Multi-Tag / MIMO Antennas for IoT,  Kamaran Khattak (Incheon Univ.)


Device and Gateway IoT,  Smart Network Planning,  Jaehoon KIM (Altair Korea)


Cloud on IoT Bursting and the Managing GPUs,  Doha KIM (Altair Korea)


Cloud on IoT Business Analytics, Envision Sangheon LEE (Altair Korea)


Closing Keynote, IoT with Machine learnt, Jinjoong KIM (Chairman of Strategic technology research center, Yanolja)


Thank you for joining us. See you at the next event

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