Artemis Racing Selects Altair as Technical Supplier

Altair is honored to have been selected by Artemis Racing as a technical supplier for the 35th America’s Cup, which will be raced in Bermuda in 2017.  Areas of focus for wingsail foiling catamaran design include composites development, aerodynamics simulation, structural optimization, and fluid-structure interaction.  Multiple solvers as well as pre- and post-processing tools within the HyperWorks® computer-aided engineering suite will be utilized to simulate and predict performance.

Artemis Racing represents Kungliga Svenska Segel Sällskapet (KSSS), the Royal Swedish Yacht Club.  KSSS is the fifth-oldest yacht club in the world, and was challenger of record for the 34th America’s Cup. Double Olympic champion Iain Percy leads the team, which includes some of the world’s most successful and respected designers, boat builders, and sailors.

“It is truly a thrill for us to support the design of the Artemis Racing AC62 with our composite design and optimization technology, “ said Jim Scapa, CEO of Altair.

The foils and rigid wing have greatly improved the speed, stability, and maneuverability of the racing yachts, providing more lift than traditional soft sails as well as a better lift-to-drag ratio. Composite materials are chosen for their lightweight properties, stiffness, and strength. America’s Cup Yachts are built primarily using laminated honeycomb sandwich structures, which are efficient at carrying the loads. Altair’s unique composite optimization technology can guide optimal material placcement for laminate and honeycomb structures, prodcing the lightest weight structure that meets all of the performance requirements.

“Using OptiStruct, I can look at the composite structure of the boat and assess different structural options in a repetitive and systematic way, making design loops faster and refining the overall structure at the same time,” said Thomas Tison, Structural Engineer for Artemis Racing.

Altair’s ongoing involvement with optimization projects connected with the America’s Cup began in 1995 with the PACT95 Young America entry, and continued through the 2000s.  The company’s current association with Artemis Racing dates back to 2011.

Learn more about the exciting Artemis Racing – Altair collaboration below.

Biba A. Bedi
Biba A. Bedi

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