Altair SmartWorks™ Tops 2019 IoT User Survey

Altair goes beyond delivering industry-leading technology solutions; we build relationships with our customers.

Those customer relationships are reflected in the results of the IoT Survey 2019, conducted by teknowlogy Group, a leading independent European research and consulting firm in digital transformation, software, and IT services. Over 2,000 users of 38 leading IoT platforms participated in the survey.

The Altair SmartWorks™ IoT platform was top-ranked among its peers — midsized enterprise IoT platform vendors, American IoT platform vendors, and rapid application deployment-focused platforms — for effectiveness, timeline, and recommendation rate. It also took top honors in two out of three peer groups (and a close runner-up in the third) for customer satisfaction.

Our users also voted SmartWorks a leader in categories including performance satisfaction, flexibility, customer experience, business value, security, competitive win rate, vendor support, ease of use, pricing model, product satisfaction, and visualization.

“Of all the KPIs this survey is based on, the ‘recommendation rate’ is, of course, one of the best indicators for users on the search for an IoT platform; it represents the yardstick of users’ overall satisfaction with a product, as well as of the business value an IoT platform provides. In The IoT Survey 2019, no other platform provider performed better than Altair in the recommendation rate category.”

– Arnold Vogt, Principal Analyst IoT, teknowlogy Group

We are also please to share some of the other highlights of how users rated us in the categories effectiveness and timeline.


teknowlogy Group rated “effectiveness” based on how well each platform supports users in meeting their business objectives — and SmartWorks was ranked #1 in all relevant peer group comparisons. This reflects the fact that we provide our customers with a broad spectrum of software and service capabilities, enabling a holistic PLM approach. This ranges from CAE software for product engineering to an IoT platform that allows users to manage connected devices throughout the product lifecycle. Altair experts can also help with product engineering and design services, as well as implementation services for all Altair software solutions. Our comprehensive technology suite provides strong business value to SmartWorks users.


The evaluation of “timeline” was based on how long the implementation process takes compared to user expectations. Implementation time for an IoT platform typically depends on three factors: a provider’s own system integration capabilities, those of the partner ecosystem, and general ease of implementation. Altair’s strong consulting and system integration capabilities, combined with our easy-to-implement SmartWorks IoT platform, led to top timeline rankings across the board among all relevant peer groups.

Survey respondents worldwide included developers, project managers, IT managers, administrators, and business consultants, with 25% in manufacturing and 75% in services and other industry sectors. Most represented businesses with fewer than 5,000 employees.

We appreciate the votes of confidence and will continue to provide Altair customers with the best technology and best relationships in the industry!

Download your free copy of the IoT Survey 2019 to find out how SmartWorks ranked in each category.

Alvaro Everlet
Alvaro Everlet

About Alvaro Everlet

Mr. Everlet is an experienced manager and business oriented technical solution provider. His skills help companies successfully build Internet of Things Solutions that meet both their technical and business goals providing: business modelling, competitive analysis, technology framework definition and implantation, action plans, engineering supervision ending with marketing and sales assessment. Lecturer at IE International Business School. Mr. Everlet earned his Bachelor of Science in Computer Science from The Polytechnic University of Madrid and King Juan Carlos University. Holds also a Master in Business Administration from the Business Management School (EAE) of Madrid.