Intelligent Connections for Smarter Buildings: Altair leverages Intel’s Building Management Platform (BMP) & CANDI to bring more data, devices, and services to building analytics

In an increasingly connected world, many companies are looking to make “smarter” buildings. The concept is relatively simple—a smart building is a structure that uses automated processes to monitor and control the building’s operations, including lighting, security, heating, ventilation, and other systems. Creating a smart building, however, remains challenging.

Smart building solutions require data to be acquired, analyzed, and visualized from different systems and sensors across a portfolio of properties. This can be especially difficult for commercial buildings under 100,000 square feet that can’t justify the ROI for traditional, high-cost building management systems. For this market—which represents nearly 90% of commercial real estate—affordable siloed solutions are now available for applications such as energy monitoring or thermostat control. But siloed systems can’t come close to delivering the full potential of what a smart building offers, and stacking multiple siloed systems ultimately adds more overhead, complexity, and risk to building operations.

A new approach to smart buildings is gaining momentum and lowering the barriers to entry. Industry leaders are collaborating to coordinate key pieces of smart building technology that can drive the industry forward.

An example of this is Intel’s Building Management Platform (BMP). A critical early roadblock for smart buildings was the inability to integrate data from a disparate set of legacy systems and Internet of Things (IoT) sensors and controls, and then deliver that data to the cloud. To solve that problem, Intel integrated CANDI software into BMP to run on best-in-class commercial gateways. Extremely cost-effective, easy-to-deploy BMP gateways are now available from several leading vendors. Intel BMP makes it simple and fast to normalize and access data from a wide range of systems, sensors, and switches in buildings through a standards-based API and Google’s enterprise-class Pub/Sub service.

The next challenge is how to use that data.

Democratization of Data Takes Smart Buildings a Big Step Forward

CANDI’s new collaboration with Altair creates another set of essential connections to make smart building data actionable. Altair’s Carriots Analytics business intelligence platform is now integrated with CANDI-powered data feeds to provide advanced data analytics, visualization, and control for all types of smart building data.

With Altair’s Carriots Analytics, both live and historical data from HVAC, energy, lighting, temperature, sensors, and other devices can now be aggregated and combined with other important data sources such as financial, maintenance, warranty, or customer relationship systems. Building operators and analysts now have a holistic view that integrates meaningful data from a wide range of sources both inside and outside of the building. This powerful combination enables better insights than ever before.

How Does It Work?

Building data is gathered from edge devices, then translated and normalized by CANDI software on an Intel BMP gateway. That data is securely streamed to a Google Cloud-based API in near real-time. Altair’s software then authenticates and connects to the data stream. Customers use the Carriots Analytics app as an easy-to-configure, out-of-the-box platform to visualize, analyze, and act on the smart building data. Extensive customization features allow data to be combined and presented in intuitive dashboards that can be adapted for a wide range of users. Information can then be easily viewed, even on mobile devices, by multiple users concurrently. Any authorized user can leverage these tools to make quick decisions for better building management.

CANDI, INTEL BMP, and Altair Carriots Platform Overview

The new solution from CANDI, Intel, and Altair provides better insight by aggregating live and historical data from HVAC, energy, lighting, temperature, air quality, and other devices and combining that with outside data such as financial or maintenance systems.

Making Data Actionable is the Key for Smart Building Value

The promise of smart buildings depends on the connection of disparate devices and data, but at the end of the day, the key is what users can do with that data. CANDI’s role is to simplify the edge connections necessary to secure, deliver, and manage edge data. This creates the foundation for best-in-class smart building services in the cloud and mobile apps. The technical collaboration between Intel, Google, and Altair makes it possible to provide actionable data through scalable business solutions that owner/operators can use to gain new insights and derive new value from their building portfolios.

Our Altair collaboration is part of CANDI’s innovative approach to assemble a marketplace of applications, devices, and data sources that support smart building use cases for commercial real estate. This growing marketplace supports system integrators, VARs, and service providers who want to offer profitable services and ready-made smart building solutions to their customers.

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Guest Contribution from Steve Raschke, CEO & Founder of CANDI