Altair Highlights of the Week: February 20th, 2014

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solidThinking Inspire 9.5 wins Golden Mousetrap Award

solidThinking, Inc. today announced that solidThinking Inspire has been selected as the Golden Mousetrap Winner in the Design Tools – Hardware & Software CAD/PDM/PLM category. The awards celebrate the companies, products, and people who are energizing North American design, engineering, and manufacturing. The Golden Mousetrap Awards were announced at a ceremony held February 11, 2014 at the Anaheim Marriott.

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From the Altair blog: Simulation for everyday products

You might not imagine that there is a great deal of science behind the creation of your fabulous new tube of lipstick, the bottle of detergent sitting in your laundry room, or that jar of mayonnaise in the fridge. In fact, mixing simulation is an important operation used across a wide spectrum of process industries: pharmaceutical, chemical, personal care and cosmetic products, biotechnology, food and beverages, oil, mining, paper pulp, rubber, ceramics, waste disposal and water treatment. Chemical and biological syntheses are complex. The fluid flow and its mixing are sophisticated. They require the fluid flow to be modeled and resolved in a complex geometry and with complex physics. Being able to characterize, understand and ultimately predict the fluid flow in relevant systems and to obtain optimal and consistent mixing quality are of vital importance to ensure quality end-product.

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Dredge Yard teams up with HyperWorks for dredge and mining pump design

Dredge Yard, a company dedicated to engineering, consulting and production of dredgers, dredging and mining equipment and technology and Altair HyperWorks, market leader in engineering, simulation and software of fluid dynamics, have teamed up on the design, calculation and simulation of dredge and mining pumps and dredge installations.

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