Altair Germany Concludes Simulation and Lightweight Workshop in Boeblingen

Altair Germany successfully hosted an Altair Simulation and Lightweight Workshop in Boeblingen this past September, providing training in multiple computer-aided engineering (CAE) disciplines for student racing teams.  Finite element analysis (FEA) and computational fluid dynamics (CFD) were covered, as were other topics related to structural optimization and engineering validation.  The HyperWorks® CAE suite, HyperWorks Virtual Wind Tunnel™, and solidThinking Inspire® were highlighted.


Students are welcome to register for future training to gain insights on using Altair software for simulation-driven design. Additional hands-on workshops were offered in Freiberg, Berlin, Munich, Boeblingen, and Paderborn. A special session dedicated to composites design and simulation occurred last month.


Check the training dates in your area as well as online, and stay connected for updates and additional training materials!

Matthias Goelke
Matthias Goelke

About Matthias Goelke

Matthias is responsible for the Academic Market vertical in Altair’s Global Markets Team. A key aspect of the academic activities is the communication of Altair’s university offer which includes software, academic forum, training and education of students and teachers, student competitions, academic events and workshops and joint research projects Prior to his current position Matthias was university account manager in Germany, Austria and Switzerland. His experience at Altair includes project management, technical support, training management, custom software development and software release as well as technical documentation. Before joining Altair Germany in 1999, Matthias worked as a post-doc at the University of Karlsruhe (Germany) and the Free University of Amsterdam (The Netherlands). Matthias holds a Ph.D. degree from the Free University of Amsterdam.