Altair Showcases Optimization at TELS 2014 China

The 3rd International Transportation Equipment Lightweight Summit and Exhibition 2014 (TELS 2014), hosted by Omnimedia of Advanced Manufacturing, was held in Shanghai, China, Dec. 4-5, 2-14. Altair, known for its expertise in lightweighting for the transportation sector, delivered a keynote on simulation and optimization solutions.

This year, the TELS 2014 theme was “Lightweight and Our Green Future”, focusing on lightweight development trends for the automotive, railway vehicle, aerospace, and shipbuilding industries. Attendees had the opportunity to learn about lightweight design at home and abroad, comparing various applications of a diverse array of lightweight materials. The summit sought to advance the integration of lightweight design and material applications with manufacturing technology.

Altair presented a keynote entitled Simulation and Optimization Drive Lightweight Design, shared industry-specific case studies.  Relevant Altair technologies were showcased, including solidThinking Inspire® for optimization in concept design; OptiStruct® for optimization in the upfront design phase; and HyperStudy®, for multi-disciplinary design optimization and the design of experiments (DOE).

Linda Fu
Linda Fu

About Linda Fu

Linda Fu is the Marketing Manager and Academic Business Development Manager at Altair China. Linda joined Altair in 2006, and studied English and Education at Ningbo University.