A Real-Time World Demands Real-Time, Continuous Intelligence

It’s a real-time world. To get decisions right, we don’t just need to know what’s happened, but what’s happening now. We also need instant access to that deep insight: what exactly is the data telling us, and what should we do about it.

Increasingly, the answers to these questions will come from continuous intelligence (CI). In an earlier blog post, I listed CI as one of the top technology trends to watch. But this isn’t simply crystal ball gazing… As soon as 2022, Gartner predicts that half of major new business systems will incorporate CI.

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Understanding EV Battery Performance with System Simulation

Guest Contributor: Graham Jackson, engineering marketing specialist Maplesoft

When designing electric and hybrid-electric vehicles, it is almost impossible to overstate the importance of batteries. There’s a growing commercial drive to increase energy density, extend battery life, and improve overall charge and discharge efficiencies in order to reduce unit costs and enhance product reliability.

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Real-Time Freedom for Motor Control Engineers

Giving motor control engineers real freedom to design motor control firmware does not sound like a particularly radical concept. But for many, the traditional approach to development is restrictive, time-consuming, and opaque.

Empowering Everyone with Augmented Analytics

As I highlighted in my previous blog post, augmented analytics is one of the current tech trends I’m particularly enthusiastic about. And I’m far from alone. Since the term was coined by Gartner back in 2017, augmented analytics has gained … Read More