Fastest Under the Sun: Solar Team Leuven Wins World Solar Challenge

Every two years, student teams from leading international universities come together to race their electric vehicles at the Bridgestone World Solar Challenge. Taking place in Adelaide, Australia, the 3021 km long race track is one of the leading meeting points for enthusiasts of solar powered cars. With no more than six square meters of solar panels, these young teams show what it means to combine efficiency with sustainable energy. Read More

Four Technology Trends That Will Transform Data Analytics

One of the most striking aspects of the response to COVID-19 is the role being played by data analysis. In the fight to slow transmission rates and mitigate risk to human life, national governments are developing and refining their strategies on the basis of continually changing metrics and predictions. Not surprisingly, experts in areas such as statistical modelling have moved to the center stage, helping those in power to identify and implement the right policies at the right time.

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No CAD without CAE

If you want to create innovative, marketable products for tomorrow you need to be able to immerse yourself in your design variants and run through CAD-CAE loops again and again. For this, Altair Inspire™ offers a comprehensive simulation-driven development environment. … Read More

Digital Debunking: Could a Tornado Make a Cow Fly?

A tornado is one of Earth’s most devastating spectacles. Formed from the violent convergence of cold and warm air, unstable air pressures create a swirling funnel-shaped cloud; a vortex of wind leaving destruction in its wake. Whirling winds can reach … Read More

Topology Optimization and the Lessons of History

At Altair, we are focused on solving our customer’s toughest challenges of today, all while working on tomorrow’s innovations. However, occasionally there is real value in revisiting the past. It gives us an opportunity to remind ourselves and the wider … Read More