How to Shorten Run Times: Leverage the Strengths of TAITherm & CFD Simulations

This guest contribution on the Altair Blog is written by the ThermoAnalytics team, a member of the Altair Partner Alliance.

Engineering teams around the world are in a constant battle to shorten the time to market while producing a product that is highly responsive to the customer. For engineering teams to reach their goals, the best solution is to simulate the product in its operating environment. By pairing a thermal code with your CFD process, you can shorten the overall simulation time and get the results you need by leveraging the strengths of each tool.

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Altair Composites Solutions Team Formed to Take On Real-World Composite Challenges

The powerful capabilities of composites make them a sought-after technology across many industries. But they are not without challenges. Composites require certifications, testing, and can be costly to implement.

To help support our customers even better, Altair has created a team solely dedicated to composites solutions. The newly formed Altair Composite Solutions Team is focused on providing Altair HyperWorksTM customers with design and analysis solutions for real-world composites challenges.

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