Frequency Domain Fatigue Damage Calculation Process: Is it Really that Different?

This guest contribution on the Altair Blog is written by the CAEfatigue Team, a member of the Altair Partner Alliance.

If you are new to the Frequency Domain, it is understandable that you may think that this “stuff” is way different than the Time Domain.  This is especially true when we ask folks to do material damage calculations in the Frequency Domain.  You may hear that “this is a whole new way of thinking” …  or, is it?

During our onsite and online training sessions, we often see a look of total confusion in the eyes of our students when we start to talk about the Frequency Domain.  Many have some comforting, albeit, vague memories of the Fourier Series from past days at college, but many have been working in the Time Domain for so long that any thoughts about changing to Frequency Domain are very daunting.

However, are we really changing that much … especially when it comes to a fatigue damage calculation?  Below is an image we often use to convince students that there really is not that much difference.

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Faster Concept Modeling: Bringing Efficiency to Early Product Development

As automotive OEMs push to reduce design cycles and reuse their platforms for multiple programs, the importance of analysis feedback in early phases of design cycle has become invaluable. The easy-to-learn mesh morphing features of HyperWorks X will bring efficiency to teams working on simulation models early in product development. These workflows enable concept level changes to be made directly on an existing FEA model, bypassing CAD generation and accelerating decision making.

The HyperWorks X Morphing workflows enable an existing product or system to be modified quickly. This allows you to explore more ideas sooner using a current model without the slow, costly and labor-intensive traditional geometry creation and meshing tasks. Multiple variants can be generated quickly using the manipulation tools, while the rebuild algorithm maintains the desired mesh quality.

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Democratizing Smart Buildings with IoT

Until recently, smart buildings have been limited to large commercial sites — but with the advent of powerful and cost-effective Internet of Things (IoT) solutions, owners and managers of small and mid-sized buildings can take advantage of connected technology. Challenges … Read More