Simulating High Pressure Die Casting with Full Process

Contributed by Håkan Fransson, Novacast, head of casting process simulation                     

Historically most simulations of high pressure die casting process have been done with the “biscuit” method. The biscuit method means that you are not simulating the whole process but only the shot (casting + ingate system + the biscuit), meaning that filling starts at the point where the biscuit begins.

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Cetim’s Powerful Solution for Bolted and Secured Joint Analysis is Added to the Altair Partner Alliance

The most powerful and easy-to-use solution for the design and verification of bolted and secured joints is now available via the Altair Partner Alliance (APA). Widely used where safety or security are mission-critical, Cetim Cobra enables designs to be tested quickly and rigorously to prevent failures and extend service life, in line with the VDI2230 standard. In contrast to manual calculations and verifications, which can take several days to complete, with Cobra even complex assemblies are resolved in around 30 minutes.

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No CAD without CAE

If you want to create innovative, marketable products for tomorrow you need to be able to immerse yourself in your design variants and run through CAD-CAE loops again and again. For this, Altair Inspire™ offers a comprehensive simulation-driven development environment. … Read More

Digital Debunking: Could a Tornado Make a Cow Fly?

A tornado is one of Earth’s most devastating spectacles. Formed from the violent convergence of cold and warm air, unstable air pressures create a swirling funnel-shaped cloud; a vortex of wind leaving destruction in its wake. Whirling winds can reach … Read More