Highlights from the 2015 ATCx Event Series in Korea

This fall, the anticipated 2015 Korea ATCx (KATCx) series successfully took place in September with four days of valuable presentations and networking opportunities in Ulsan, Changwon, Daejeon, and the final day in Seoul!

This year’s KATCx theme was “CAE in the Korean Industries” where various industries came together to present and discuss their CAE solutions to their problems. It was also a great platform to exchange new solutions, technologies, and learn about what Altair can do in the manufacturing industry. This year, without fail, attendees from all over the country participated in each ATCx, over 500 national and international engineers altogether have shared and exchanged knowledge, making this Korea’s largest engineering conference!

Similarly to last year, each day is catered to a specific industry in the region. The new additions this year were the FEKO and solidThinking tracks at ATCx-Daejeon andRechargeable Battery/VisSim Track at ATCx-Seoul.

solidthinking atcx

solidThinking track at ATCx Seoul.

In addition, the theme of “CAE in the Korean Industries” focused on topics of government, industries, and academia. The ATCx events provided a unique meeting place to share CAE knowledge across Korea. Read more about the media coverage on ATCx-Seoul here (in Korean Language).

atcx korea

Government/Industry/Academic conferences for the CAE industry.

Besides great presentations, there were also booths from our various Altair product lines and event sponsors such as Maxoft, ISBC, Texas Instrument, NVIDIA, and Stratasys. They have all provided useful information to customers, answered questions, and engaged in discussions.

All those who participated in the survey were eligible to win several prizes, including a drone! We had a great time hosting the Korea ATCx series. Take a look at what happened in each location:

September 15 – Ulsan

atcx ulsan

ATCx-Ulsan took place in the Hyundai Hotel, where the focus was on heavy industry. Altair, as well as Hyundai Heavy Industries, Samsung Heavy Industries, STX Shipbuilding and Marine, Class NK, and more participated in this event. It was a great opportunity to discuss high-level topics, as well as sharing knowledge and solutions.

September 16 – Changwon

atcx changwon

ATCx Changwon gathered top engineering companies at the Pullman Hotel. A keynote presentation by Dr. Kangjae Lee Doosan from Infracore kicked off the full day event and a large number of industry professionals and experts exchanged and discussed industry-related problems, solutions, and the future of CAE in Korea.

September 17 – Daejeon

atcx daejeon

ATCx-Daejeon was held at Intercity Hotel and included two tracks: HyperWorks and FEKO. It was our first time hosting the FEKO Track at an ATCx event! The FEKO Track was popular and filled the lecture room with interested attendees. There were also presentations by Hongik University, Incheon University, and Chungang University during the FEKO Track. Leading Defense and Aerospace companies such as Hanwha, Korean Air, and KAI participated in the HyperWorks Track.

September 18 – Seoul

atcx seoul

ATCx-Seoul was the last day of the ATCx series and was held at Conrad Hotel Seoul, one of the largest venues to host and accommodate such a large number of attendees. We had a total of four sessions, each with three tracks, bigger than the previous ATCx events. Experts in their field shared generous knowledge during the HyperWorks 1, HyperWorks 2, solidThinking and Rechargeable Batteries/VisSim tracks. Hyundai Motor, GM Korea, Doosan Industrial Vehicle, also participated, as well as Materialise, KNC, Stratasys, Korea Institute of Industrial Technology and Mold Technology Research Group were a part of the solidThinking track. The Rechargeable Battery/VisSim track included SK Battery Systems, Samsung SDI, Texas Instrument, and more. Each presenter provided expertise in their field and shared their outlooks and thoughts on CAE in Korea. In addition, there was the 8th annual Altair Open Contest (AOC) where students were awarded for their presentations.

This year’s ATCx-Seoul was ambitious and was named the most valuable CAE government/industry/academic conferences for the industry! It was a tremendous effort for all who presented and attended the conference series. We were glad to have experts and professionals from a vast range of industries gathered in one place to discuss “CAE in Korean Industries.”

A big thank you to all who attended the 2015 Korea ATCx! We hope you had a great time and gained valuable knowledge and experience. Next year, the 2016 Korea ATC series will be held in Daejeon (September 21), Busan (September 22), and Seoul (September 23). We look forward to seeing you again next year! For ATC and ATCx near your area, please visit: altairatc.com

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