2015 Americas ATC Concludes With More Presentations and Sessions

Today was the final day of the 2015 Americas ATC, which continued with more remarkable keynote presentations and breakout sessions! Altair Chief Marketing Officer, Jeffrey Brennan, welcomed attendees to the final day of Americas ATC, followed by keynote presentations from Kevin Kerrigan, Senior Vice President at the Automotive Office with Michigan Economic Development Corporation, and Ken Dudley, Senior Researcher at NASA LaRC.

Michigan – We Run On Brainpower: Kevin Kerrigan’s presentation focused on Michigan’s Automotive Industry with an overview of the automotive strategy developed by the Michigan Economic Development Corporation’s automotive office, which focuses on three pillars: Technology, Talent and Capital as part of the State’s “We Run on Brainpower” campaign.  Highlighting Michigan is home to 63 of the top 100 North American automotive suppliers, has more than 370 R&D centers representing 76% of all U.S. automotive R&D spending and has the largest concentration of engineers nationally with over 65,000 industrial, mechanical and electrical engineers, Kerrigan discussed the State’s strategic plan to allow Michigan to remain as the global center of the automotive industry and to foster sustainable growth within the industry in Michigan.


A Multifunctional Aerospace Smart Skin Emerges from Computational Models and Physical Experiments: This featured presentation from NASA LaRC Senior Researcher, Ken Dudley, overviewed NASA Langley Research Center (LaRC)’s development of a composite aircraft skin damage detection method and system based on open circuit SansEC (Sans Electric Connection) sensor technology. The innovative electromagnetic wireless sensor has the ability to detect damage from lightning strikes as well as damage within composite structures (ranging from material fatigue to foreign objects hitting the aircraft, such as hail or birds). Designed using Altair’s FEKO electromagnetic simulation technology, the sensors can alert pilots to damage as well as provide situational awareness of a vehicle’s health in unmanned aircraft. This NASA research program was featured as the cover story in our latest issue of Concept to Reality magazine.


Altair’s Andrew Barr and Manohara Mariyappa showcased HyperWorks Tips & Tricks, in addition, Richard Kolk and Peter Darnell introduced new features and model based development with VisSim.


Shipbuilding Success in a Shrinking Defense Budget Era: Denny Moore, Principal Engineer at Electric Boat, presented the company history and an overview of several National Shipbuilding Research Program (NSRP) efforts which support process design and analysis automation from the early concept to the detailed stages. Centered around a theme of “Simulation For Affordability,” Moore discussed the importance of moving CAE forward in the development process to significantly reduce ship (submarine) development cycles.

The conference continued with breakout sessions for the remaining of the day from various industry experts as well as Altair Alliance Partners, which included presentations focused on performance optimization, lightweight design, access to new technology, and lead time reduction. Many new Altair Alliance Partners, who will be launching soon, also presented at the ATC.

In the Performance Optimization breakout session, Application Engineer Srikar Vallury, from Altair Alliance Partner CoreTech System (Moldex3D), presented effective design validation, optimization of plastic parts and molds with Moldex3D and HyperWorks. Sascha Pazour representing Part Engineering GmbH, an Altair Alliance Partner, showcased accurate simulation of short-fiber-reinforced automotive parts during the Lightweight Design session. Also in the Lightweight Design session, Rashid Miray from AlphaStar, an Altair Alliance Partner, discussed its GENOA software integration with HyperWorks for structural modeling and analysis of advanced composite structures.


Altair Alliance Partner HBM nCode’s Jeff Mentley presented in the Access to New Technology session regarding Fatigue Life from Site-on-Random Excitation. In the same session, Neil Bishop from CAEfatigue Limited covered Time vs. Frequency Domain Analysis for Large Automotive Systems Using CAEfatigue in Combination with OptiStruct and HyperView.


The 2015 Americas ATC hosted over 750 professionals, experts, and innovators at the Ford Conference and Event Center in Dearborn, Michigan! We would like to thank everyone who participated and contributed to the conference.

“The conference provides solutions for those who are attempting to manage innovation challenges in the fields of transportation, aerospace, architecture, electronics, scientific research and many other fields where simulation-driven design, data analysis and optimization are critical. Our goal for the ATC conference series is to support the professional engineering community discover news ways to overcome conventional barriers to design and manufacturing leveraging simulation to create stronger and lighter products that can be manufactured in new ways,” noted Altair CEO Jim Scapa.

Altair Technology Conferences are scheduled across the globe to share solutions for some of the most complex problems in engineering, sciences and business analytics. The events serve as a showcase for hundreds of user-led case studies that illustrate innovative ways to employ simulation for better design. Find out more about the upcoming ATC and ATCx around the world. We look forward to seeing everyone again!

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Biba A. Bedi
Biba A. Bedi

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